The Truth is

The truth is we are all broken and it’s just part of being human to suffer pain. Smashing your finger with a hammer hurts. Slicing open your finger with a knife doesn’t feel good either. According to the National Institute of Health Statistics the annual cost of pain and being human in the United States, including healthcare expenses, lost income, and lost productivity, is estimated to be $100 billion. The goal they say is to give hope and power over pain.

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The Healing of our Brotherhood

On a Saturday morning in 1997 I experienced the sound of 20,000 kids screaming; singing to the top of their little lungs; and it proved to be the best music therapy I’ve ever had. Just know that it didn’t sound like anything from this world. In an area of Brooklyn called Bushwick I was a witness to something that forever changed my heart about inner city life and black communities. Here’s my story of healing and redemption.

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