a bit of bio

My name is Kyndl Ellzey, pronounced like Kin-dl. Home for me is in Nashville TN where I reside as a singer-songwriter and creative. I have the pleasure of walking along side my faithful wife Jhira and being daddy to a dandelion toddler named Jenson. One goal I have for this blog is to compel others to be steady on their ascent to a greater awareness of God. The other goal is to stir the soul with a loving message that through God’s power you can ignite to new heights.

We all encounter childhood experiences that have changed us in one way or another. Life for me nearly ended at eight years old when i decided one day to ride my bicycle in the street. I wound up playing a game of chicken with a long white Cadillac. Guess who won? That bicycle brush with death changed my whole life. The trauma of that day led to an overwhelming and unhealthy fear of people. Being bullied in school was a everyday occurrence and friends were few and far between. I was never quite able to fit in. But then one day something great happened. I was rescued by the sounds of soul music blaring from an old cabinet stereo. Shortly after that, the gift of words showed up and started flowing from an overactive imagination. They offered comfort, peace and a place of escape. These friends have stuck by my side ever since. The most notable thing occurred at sixteen. I was introduced to the greatest friend I would ever have. His name is Jesus. And so now my heart sings and my soul writes.